History of the Firm

Foothills Accounting, Inc. was originally founded in 1973. In 1997 Robert A.
Johnston, Jr. bought the practice with the vision of growing Foothills
Accounting, Inc. into a business offering a wide variety of financial services.
Bob employs a staff of highly qualified people who share his work ethic
and his desire to provide quality work and excellent service at every level.

Bob’s vision came with his more than 25 years of experience in financial
management. Prior to his acquisition of Foothills Accounting, Inc. Bob was
the Chief Financial Officer for KQED, Inc., the third largest public television
station in the country. Under Bob’s leadership, he established a formalized
Financial Policy and Procedure Manual; installed a new computer system;
initiated, planned, and spearheaded a bond issue which resulted in the
financing of KQED’s new building; and managed the transfer of KQED’s
pension fund assets into a more secure environment.

Bob has been working with individuals and businesses for 40 years, providing
each client with personalized, hands-on service. Along with his B.S. from
St. Mary’s College (Moraga, California) Bob is an Enrolled Agent.
His professionalism and his integrity are the hallmarks of Foothills Accounting, Inc.

His core belief regarding each client is to “exceed your expectations.”

The Firm’s Philosophy and Goals
• To pursue the highest level of quality and efficiency regarding each type
  of work and service we provide.
• To charge fees which are fair and comparable to those firms offering the
  same services.
• To give each client the time and attention necessary to satisfy reasonable
  wants and needs.
• To accomplish each client's work in a timely manner provided the client’s demands
  are reasonable in light of all the circumstances.